Palmyra Candy Crystals (100gms)

Palmyra Candy Crystals (100gms)

Experience a burst of tropical goodness with naturally crystallized Palm Candy. Handcrafted from the palmyra tree’s sap, this all-natural delight is a sweet and wholesome choice for a delightful snack anytime, anywhere. Whether it be a crunchy addition to your breakfast cereals, a natural sweetener for your beverages, or a palate cleanser for spicy meals, Palmyra Candy’s versatility, coupled with its naturally crystallized form, is truly remarkable.



The 100g starter pack of Palm Candy or Palmyra Candy is a delectable blend of the natural bounty with a digestive soothing, energy boost, and rich antioxidants. Treat yourself to mouth and throat soothing with Palm Candy. A low-fat, cholesterol-free natural sweetener – every 100g of Palmyra sugar candy is a healthful indulgence!

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