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Organic Coconut Sugar

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the World Bank, coconut trees produce more sugar per acre. Far less water and nutrients are used in comparison to sugar canes. With these properties, coconut sugar can truly be called the most sustainable natural sweetener.

Our Organic Coconut Sugar has a low Glycaemic Index (GI), so your sugar levels don’t rise a lot after eating it. Coconut sugar contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, C, iron, calcium, and other minerals. It also contains phytonutrients and antioxidants, which act as a natural cleansing agent for your body.

Regular consumption will promote healthy digestion, boost your immune system, and give you a good dose of energy. Due to being taste-intensive, you don’t need to use much to achieve a reasonable level of sweetness. This helps with weight loss as well!

It is also tasty in all types of recipes. You can use our Organic Coconut Sugar as a topping on doughnuts, yoghurt, waffles, or pancakes. Fruits, cereal, and muesli also benefit from its addition. The earthy and smoky flavour will make your coffee and tea taste great!

Organic Palmyra Sugar

Our Organic Palmyra Sugar is another choice among healthy sugars. It the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) out of all-natural sweeteners! This means your sugar levels can stay low after meals. It is also rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. The high iron content also helps alleviate anaemia.

In addition to having a low GI, our Palmyra Sugar is thermogenic, causing the body to use more energy when burning it. This helps increase your metabolism. The high bioavailability allows your body to absorb its nutrients easily without using much energy.

Our Organic Palmyra Sugar first starts as sap that is boiled before it is naturally crystallised through a gentle method. There are no additives in it, making it 100% natural. No need to worry about consuming harmful chemicals!

Palmyra sugar has been proven to help cleanse the respiratory tract, intestines, and alleviates constipation as well. As the only natural plant superfood containing Vitamin B12, consuming it will improve your mood and help with skin and hair. Besides, it has healing and medicinal properties. This makes it a part of the thousands-year-old tradition of Ayurveda.

Manufacturing Process

Our Organic Coconut Sugar comes in sachets, 250gm pouches, 400gm pouches, 20kg bags and 40kg bags.

Note: Our sugars have no traces of nuts because we do not pack them in our facilities. We pack Sugar and only Sugar.

Our certifications

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