Organic Palmyra Sugar (125gm)

Organic Palmyra Sugar (125gm)

Enriched with inulin, palm sugar offers notable benefits for both gut health and skin. It acts as inulin and promotes a healthy gut microbiome. Palm sugar also supports digestion, nutrient absorption, and improved skin appearance, making it the sweetener of choice in Ayurveda. Additionally, it serves as a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals. It also provides sustained energy release, supports bone health through its calcium content, aids in regulating blood sugar levels, and contributes to a healthy heart due to its low glycemic index and potassium content. So, from next time onwards buy Palm sugar online from Treen Foods.



Palmyra sugar or palm sugar is suitable for all age groups from babies to adults. Now you can experience its delightful flavor firsthand. Whether you’re sweetening your bakes, making sweets, marinades, or pickles, palm sugar from Treen Foods will add a touch of deliciousness to your creations. Don’t miss the chance to try our organic palm sugar! Use this naturally flavored sweetener to make your coffee, tea, and milk taste great with its distinctive earthy and smoky notes.

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