Finger Flakes (300gm)

Finger Flakes (300gm)

Indulge in the delicate crunch of Finger Millet Flakes. Made from finger millet or Ragi, these easy-to-eat millet flakes are a nutritious, gluten-free option for breakfast. Elevate your mornings with this wholesome and flavorsome choice.



Finger Millet Flakes, or Ragi Flakes, is an excellent calcium, iron, and amino acid source. It promotes bone health, aids in managing diabetes, and provides sustained energy, making it an excellent option for athletes and active individuals.

Nourish your body with the finest Finger Millet Flakes (Ragi Flakes) from Treen Foods – a calcium-rich, gluten-free marvel known to boost bone health and provide sustained energy.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 22 cm



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