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French Toast with Palmyra Syrup

We all find excess bread in our homes, and fortunately, there are many ways to turn them into delicious dishes. French toast with palmyra syrup is one of them.


For French toast;

Three large eggs (any type of chicken egg)

½ Cup of milk

½ Teaspoon of ground cinnamon

4 Tablespoons of butter

6 Thick (~2 cm) slices of day-old bread (wheat bread/whole grain bread/ multigrain bread)

A pinch of grated nutmeg

One Teaspoon of palmyra sugar

For Palmyra sugar syrup;

½ Cup of milk cream

1 Tablespoon of butter

½ Cup of palmyra sugar

One tablespoon of water



Heat the sugar and water on medium-low heat in a heavy bottom pan for palmyra sugar syrup until completely melted. Mix with a spoon if required. Sugar will form clumps at the beginning and then melt completely. Keep swirling the pan and continue heating.

Once melting is over, the edges of the mixture will start to turn brown. Remove the pan from the stove, add butter, and then milk cream. The mixture will begin to bubble. Keep swirling until everything is combined. Keep the pan on low flame for the next 4-5 seconds and pour into another bowl. Allow it to cool down naturally.

For french toast, whisk milk, eggs, ground cinnamon, grated nutmeg, and palmyra sugar until everything is well combined and sugar gets dissolved. Dip a slice of bread in the mixture, allow both sides to be lightly soaked. Work one slice at a time.

For an eggless version, You can use ½ tablespoon of corn starch heated with 1 cup of water instead of eggs.

Heat a tablespoon of butter in a non-stick frying pan. Cook the french toast for 2-3 minutes on each side of the slice until it turns golden brown. Set aside.

Cook the remaining slices with the remaining butter. Work one slice at a time. Top with palmyra sugar syrup and serve hot.

Health Benefits:

French toast with Palmyra syrup is a complete diet with a glass of fresh fruit juice or a few fruit pieces. Being loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals such as Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, and Copper, it is a healthy breakfast.

Palmyra syrup is low on glycemic index and rich in minerals. It is a better choice than maple syrup, honey, or any other sweet topping due to the low glucose level.

Milk and eggs are good sources of protein, and they enrich the vitamin and mineral profile of the dish. It also contains Vitamin A, B2, B5, B12, D, K and Calcium, Zinc, and a few other minerals.

These minerals and vitamins increase brain functions, facilitate proper metabolism, support good vision, assist in cell growth and renewal, keep bones and teeth healthier, maintain skin health and hair growth.

Although bread is a high-carb food, this combination makes it a healthy, wholesome diet good for heart health, vision, brain functions, digestion, and bone health.

Antioxidants reduce the risk of cancers and make your skin healthier. It boosts your immune system to protect you from various diseases.

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