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Coconut Burfi

Our coconut burfi is straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen. This traditional Indian fudge recipe is sure to take you down memory lane to your childhood days. Simple, delicious, and perennial- this coconut burfi is a food friend for life.


Our coconut burfi is extremely simple, and most of the ingredients needed must already be sitting in your kitchen. Let us walk you through the ingredients and steps to make a delicious Coconut Burfi.

1.5 cups- Unsweetened Desiccated Coconut

⅔ rd cup- Coconut or Palm Sugar

1 tsp.- Green Cardamom Powder

½ cup- Water


Boil some water and put some coconut sugar in it. 

Take ½ cup water and ⅔ rd cup coconut sugar, and boil the solution on medium flame till it becomes thick and gooey.

Next, add coconut and cardamom powder simultaneously to the pan.

Stir the mixture till all the ingredients fuse together consistently. The mixture will turn dense, heavy, and dry and it would emanate a pleasant aroma.

Thereafter transfer the mixture to a greased plate.

Now let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Cut in desired shapes, when the mixture is still warm.

Your Burfi is ready. Serve with a smile :).

P.S. Add dry fruits and nuts to enhance your Burfi’s taste.

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Coconut Burfi
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