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About Us

At Treen Foods, we are interested in your nourishment. Foods today are often processed, and we feel that this is not healthy in the long-term. Most man-made chemicals do not come without side-effects, and few are even completely healthy.

Instead, we source from our trusted partners and pack our own organic ready-to-eat exotic foods and pre-mixed ready-to-drink beverages. From all over the world and different terrains, our natural foods range from spices to sugar. If you want to add some gourmet sugar into your favourite recipe or a special cup of coffee or tea, simply come to Treen Foods for that lovely fix of sweet health.

Pure, Raw and Unprocessed with a healthy dose of Nutrients.

Our products are 100% certified to be organic, meaning they are pure, raw, unprocessed, and only give you healthy nutrients and a tasty experience. Our Organic Sugars have slight butterscotch, caramel, and smoky aftertastes, waiting to be discovered by You.

Our certifications

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